Steve Makowski

Steve Makowski’s artwork is a manifestation of his imagination, dreams, hopes and desires. His artistic goal is to capture his feelings about modern society, nature, and what a perfect world should be. As such, Steve chose a medium that is dynamic; ever-changing. He strives to create mobiles that make people happy, that allow people to lose themselves in the piece after a hard day. Like watching the tongues of a fire on a cold winter night, the gentle sway of Steve’s mobiles hypnotize viewers, gently brushing their cares from their weary minds.


Steve’s mobiles are a new take on a medium first invented by Alexander Calder, an engineer by trade. Steve also approaches the art of mobile art from the perspective a skilled craftsman. As a watchmaker, he sees his work as parts of a whole. Each element fits into the next gives it meaning. Using a hand-tools like a hammer, anvil, pliers, files, cutters, electric drill and soldering iron, Makowski’s mobiles are unique creations that demonstrate an intense labor of love. Each individual twist, cut, crunch and bite of his tools take extreme concentration.


“I lose myself in my work and it is my hope that anyone viewing these pieces will feel aloft on the same gentle breezes that give my mobiles life.”

– Steve Makowski, artisan and craftsman




Autumn's Last Leaf


Natural Horizons

Sea Life

Essential Luminosity


Silver Linings


1332 N. Illinois St

Indianapolis, IN 46202

317 253-5910