Ken Scott

I am an artist and illustrator whose work has an intensely historical, even biographical concept to it. It is conceived from out of the place where a number of important influences come together: my life as an artist; my reverence for history; and a personal study of the lives of the naturalists & explorers who traveled Colonial America in the 17th & 18th century. As an artist, I see the objects that I paint through the eyes of that traveling artist and naturalist. My art helps me keep a close relationship with the past, both spiritually and physically. I’ve always been drawn to things that have a history and a story behind them, things that show signs of wear or age. My goal as an artist is to create every item with an historical past with an aged look and feel to it.


Most of my work is painted on old book covers that have been up cycled and repurposed to become a painting surface that will continue to help us achieve a green planet. The actual paintings themselves are conceived from a historic view of the way that I see things. Each of my paintings resonates with an historical perspective upon its completion, a look and patina of having been loved and handed down from generation to generation, hinting at ownership  by a long forgotten person. My paintings are reminiscent of early Pennsylvania German frakturs. Pencil notations and marginalia are often added to give an additional appearance of age and prior usage.


1332 N. Illinois St

Indianapolis, IN 46202

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